Virginia vector ZIP-code map

Virginia 5 digit vector map based on US census data.

Postal code vector map of Virginia state. Postcodes of Virginia.

Virginia vector ZIP-code map.  Virginia county shape file.

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Virginia county and zip code map

Printable zip code map of Virginia

Virginia zip code shape file .  + Virginia county shape file. 21 MB

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Virginia 3 digit zip code and county vector map,

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County seats,county FIPS codes AI map of WV, VA

Great Arlington and Washington DC

Counties and municipalities of Virginia state

From shape file:




23085 King And Queen Court House King And Queen
23086 King William King William
23089 Lanexa New Kent
23091 Little Plymouth King And Queen
23092 Locust Hill Middlesex
23093 Louisa Louisa
23102 Maidens Goochland
23103 Manakin Sabot Goochland
23106 Manquin King William
23108 Mascot King And Queen
23109 Mathews Mathews
23110 Mattaponi King And Queen
23111 Mechanicsville Hanover
20158 Hamilton Loudoun
20164 Sterling Loudoun
20165 Sterling Loudoun
20166 Sterling Loudoun
23112 Midlothian Chesterfield
23113 Midlothian Chesterfield
23114 Midlothian Chesterfield
23115 Millers Tavern Essex
23116 Mechanicsville Hanover
23117 Mineral Louisa
23119 Moon Mathews
23120 Moseley Chesterfield
23123 New Canton Buckingham
23124 New Kent New Kent
23125 New Point Mathews
23126 Newtown King And Queen
23128 North Mathews
23129 Oilville Goochland
23130 Onemo Mathews
23138 Port Haywood Mathews
20169 Haymarket Prince William
20170 Herndon Fairfax
20171 Herndon Fairfax
20175 Leesburg Loudoun
20176 Leesburg Loudoun
20180 Lovettsville Loudoun
20181 Nokesville Prince William