Ohio State ZIP code vector map

5 digit zip code area shape, county shapes and names, primary city name of Ohio state.

5 digit editable zip code map 

Postal code vector map of Ohio state

Ohio state ZIP code vector map. Category contains county shape file to

File formats

Available in illustrator standard file format Ohio state zip code map is the latest U.S. It was created on the basis of the Census database.
Making the map was difficult because recently the Census Bureau only deals with the zip code area, not the names of the primary cities. This could be achieved with another excel file attachment. The finished maps are available in PDF and Illustrator AI formats.

Zip code types

We distinguish between 4 types of zip codes:
– Unique address: Big organizations like Hospitals, universities, Government agencies and businesses that receive a lot of mails use unique zip codes.
– PO Box only
– Military
– Standard (all other ZIP codes).
The Ohio state ZIP code vector map here contains only the standard type, the one that is not point-like, but has an extension, covering a larger area.

Display of densely populated areas

If the individual numbers cover a very small area, then listing the name of the primary city is neither justified nor advisable. Instead, we marked the areas under one locality with the same color and displayed the name of the city only once. See the picture.
In such cases, we have always manually adjusted the zip code font size to the size of the area so that they are displayed correctly.

Ohio state zip code vector map

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