Colorado state zip & county map

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Colorado state zip & county map. This is now the more complex version. Illustrator, PDF file Price:$25 One of the simpler ones contains only zip code fields, numbers, and county borders on a separate layer.
Theirs contain fields, numbers, and the names of the primary settlements. The state’s counties can be found on it, along with their titles.
The county map, available in different colors, can also be used separately.

Colorado zip code Excel file. 2023.

Zip code range in Colorado: from 80001-to 81658. The number of zip codes:662. Standard:448, PO BOX:158, Unique: 56

Colorado state zip & county map

Colorado state zip & county map
Colorado County Layer

Colorado state zip & county map

Colorado state zip & county map

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Colorado state zip & county map
Detailed zip code list Colorado
ZIP CodeCityCountyType
ZIP Code 80001ArvadaJeffersonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80002ArvadaJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 80003ArvadaJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 80004ArvadaJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 80005ArvadaJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 80006ArvadaJeffersonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80007ArvadaJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 80010AuroraArapahoeStandard
ZIP Code 80011AuroraArapahoeStandard
ZIP Code 80012AuroraArapahoeStandard
ZIP Code 80013AuroraArapahoeStandard
ZIP Code 80014AuroraArapahoeStandard
ZIP Code 80015AuroraArapahoeStandard
ZIP Code 80016AuroraArapahoeStandard
ZIP Code 80017AuroraArapahoeStandard
More Colorado zip codes
ZIP Code 80018AuroraArapahoeStandard
ZIP Code 80019AuroraAdamsStandard
ZIP Code 80020BroomfieldBroomfieldStandard
ZIP Code 80021BroomfieldJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 80022Commerce CityAdamsStandard
ZIP Code 80023BroomfieldBroomfieldStandard
ZIP Code 80024DupontAdamsP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80025Eldorado SpringsBoulderP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80026LafayetteBoulderStandard
ZIP Code 80027LouisvilleBoulderStandard
ZIP Code 80030WestminsterAdamsStandard
ZIP Code 80031WestminsterAdamsStandard
ZIP Code 80033Wheat RidgeJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 80034Wheat RidgeJeffersonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80035WestminsterAdamsP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80036WestminsterAdamsP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80037Commerce CityAdamsP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80038BroomfieldBroomfieldP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80040AuroraAdamsP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80041AuroraArapahoeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80042AuroraAdamsP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80044AuroraArapahoeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80045AuroraAdamsStandard
ZIP Code 80046AuroraArapahoeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80047AuroraArapahoeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80101AgateElbertStandard
ZIP Code 80102BennettAdamsStandard
ZIP Code 80103ByersArapahoeStandard
ZIP Code 80104Castle RockDouglasStandard
ZIP Code 80105Deer TrailArapahoeStandard
ZIP Code 80106ElbertEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80107ElizabethElbertStandard
ZIP Code 80108Castle RockDouglasStandard
ZIP Code 80109Castle RockDouglasStandard
ZIP Code 80110EnglewoodArapahoeStandard
ZIP Code 80111EnglewoodArapahoeStandard
ZIP Code 80112EnglewoodArapahoeStandard
ZIP Code 80113EnglewoodArapahoeStandard
ZIP Code 80116FranktownDouglasStandard
ZIP Code 80117KiowaElbertStandard
ZIP Code 80118LarkspurDouglasStandard
ZIP Code 80120LittletonArapahoeStandard
ZIP Code 80121LittletonArapahoeStandard
ZIP Code 80122LittletonArapahoeStandard
ZIP Code 80123LittletonJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 80124Lone TreeDouglasStandard
ZIP Code 80125LittletonDouglasStandard
ZIP Code 80126LittletonDouglasStandard
ZIP Code 80127LittletonJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 80128LittletonJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 80129LittletonDouglasStandard
ZIP Code 80130LittletonDouglasStandard
ZIP Code 80131LouviersDouglasP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80132MonumentEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80133Palmer LakeEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80134ParkerDouglasStandard
ZIP Code 80135SedaliaDouglasStandard
ZIP Code 80136StrasburgAdamsStandard
ZIP Code 80137WatkinsAdamsStandard
ZIP Code 80138ParkerDouglasStandard
ZIP Code 80150EnglewoodArapahoeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80151EnglewoodArapahoeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80155EnglewoodArapahoeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80160LittletonArapahoeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80161LittletonArapahoeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80162LittletonJeffersonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80163LittletonDouglasP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80165LittletonArapahoeUnique
ZIP Code 80166LittletonArapahoeUnique
ZIP Code 80201DenverDenverP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80202DenverDenverStandard
ZIP Code 80203DenverDenverStandard
ZIP Code 80204DenverDenverStandard
ZIP Code 80205DenverDenverStandard
ZIP Code 80206DenverDenverStandard
ZIP Code 80207DenverDenverStandard
ZIP Code 80208DenverDenverUnique
ZIP Code 80209DenverDenverStandard
ZIP Code 80210DenverDenverStandard
ZIP Code 80211DenverDenverStandard
ZIP Code 80212DenverDenverStandard
ZIP Code 80214DenverJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 80215DenverJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 80216DenverDenverStandard
ZIP Code 80217DenverDenverP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80218DenverDenverStandard
ZIP Code 80219DenverDenverStandard
ZIP Code 80220DenverDenverStandard
ZIP Code 80221DenverAdamsStandard
ZIP Code 80222DenverDenverStandard
ZIP Code 80223DenverDenverStandard
ZIP Code 80224DenverDenverStandard
ZIP Code 80225DenverJeffersonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80226DenverJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 80227DenverJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 80228DenverJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 80229DenverAdamsStandard
ZIP Code 80230DenverDenverStandard
ZIP Code 80231DenverDenverStandard
ZIP Code 80232DenverJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 80233DenverAdamsStandard
ZIP Code 80234DenverAdamsStandard
ZIP Code 80235DenverJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 80236DenverDenverStandard
ZIP Code 80237DenverDenverStandard
ZIP Code 80238DenverDenverStandard
ZIP Code 80239DenverDenverStandard
ZIP Code 80241ThorntonAdamsStandard
ZIP Code 80243DenverDenverUnique
ZIP Code 80246DenverDenverStandard
ZIP Code 80247DenverArapahoeStandard
ZIP Code 80248DenverDenverP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80249DenverDenverStandard
ZIP Code 80250DenverDenverP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80256DenverDenverUnique
ZIP Code 80257DenverDenverUnique
ZIP Code 80259DenverDenverUnique
ZIP Code 80260DenverAdamsStandard
ZIP Code 80261DenverDenverUnique
ZIP Code 80263DenverDenverUnique
ZIP Code 80264DenverDenverStandard
ZIP Code 80265DenverDenverStandard
ZIP Code 80266DenverDenverStandard
ZIP Code 80271DenverDenverUnique
ZIP Code 80273DenverDenverUnique
ZIP Code 80274DenverDenverUnique
ZIP Code 80281DenverDenverUnique
ZIP Code 80290DenverDenverStandard
ZIP Code 80291DenverDenverUnique
ZIP Code 80293DenverDenverStandard
ZIP Code 80294DenverDenverStandard
ZIP Code 80299DenverDenverStandard
ZIP Code 80301BoulderBoulderStandard
ZIP Code 80302BoulderBoulderStandard
ZIP Code 80303BoulderBoulderStandard
ZIP Code 80304BoulderBoulderStandard
ZIP Code 80305BoulderBoulderStandard
ZIP Code 80306BoulderBoulderP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80307BoulderBoulderP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80308BoulderBoulderP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80309BoulderBoulderUnique
ZIP Code 80310BoulderBoulderUnique
ZIP Code 80314BoulderBoulderUnique
ZIP Code 80401GoldenJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 80402GoldenJeffersonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80403GoldenJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 80419GoldenJeffersonUnique
ZIP Code 80420AlmaParkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80421BaileyParkStandard
ZIP Code 80422Black HawkGilpinStandard
ZIP Code 80423BondEagleStandard
ZIP Code 80424BreckenridgeSummitStandard
ZIP Code 80425Buffalo CreekJeffersonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80426BurnsEagleP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80427Central CityGilpinP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80428ClarkRouttStandard
ZIP Code 80429ClimaxLakeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80430CoalmontJacksonStandard
ZIP Code 80432ComoParkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80433ConiferJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 80434CowdreyJacksonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80435DillonSummitStandard
ZIP Code 80436DumontClear CreekP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80437EvergreenJeffersonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80438EmpireClear CreekP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80439EvergreenJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 80440FairplayParkStandard
ZIP Code 80442FraserGrandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80443FriscoSummitP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80444GeorgetownClear CreekP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80446GranbyGrandStandard
ZIP Code 80447Grand LakeGrandStandard
ZIP Code 80448GrantParkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80449HartselParkStandard
ZIP Code 80451Hot Sulphur SpringsGrandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80452Idaho SpringsClear CreekStandard
ZIP Code 80453IdledaleJeffersonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80454Indian HillsJeffersonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80455JamestownBoulderStandard
ZIP Code 80456JeffersonParkStandard
ZIP Code 80457KittredgeJeffersonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80459KremmlingGrandStandard
ZIP Code 80461LeadvilleLakeStandard
ZIP Code 80463Mc CoyEagleStandard
ZIP Code 80465MorrisonJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 80466NederlandBoulderStandard
ZIP Code 80467Oak CreekRouttStandard
ZIP Code 80468ParshallGrandStandard
ZIP Code 80469PhippsburgRouttP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80470PineJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 80471PinecliffeBoulderP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80473RandJacksonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80474RollinsvilleGilpinP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80475ShawneeParkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80476Silver PlumeClear CreekP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80477Steamboat SpringsRouttP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80478TabernashGrandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80479ToponasRouttP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80480WaldenJacksonStandard
ZIP Code 80481WardBoulderStandard
ZIP Code 80482Winter ParkGrandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80483YampaRouttP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80487Steamboat SpringsRouttStandard
ZIP Code 80488Steamboat SpringsRouttP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80497SilverthorneSummitP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80498SilverthorneSummitStandard
ZIP Code 80501LongmontBoulderStandard
ZIP Code 80502LongmontBoulderP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80503LongmontBoulderStandard
ZIP Code 80504LongmontWeldStandard
ZIP Code 80510AllensparkBoulderStandard
ZIP Code 80511Estes ParkLarimerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80512BellvueLarimerStandard
ZIP Code 80513BerthoudLarimerStandard
ZIP Code 80514DaconoWeldStandard
ZIP Code 80515DrakeLarimerStandard
ZIP Code 80516ErieBoulderStandard
ZIP Code 80517Estes ParkLarimerStandard
ZIP Code 80520FirestoneWeldP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80521Fort CollinsLarimerStandard
ZIP Code 80522Fort CollinsLarimerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80523Fort CollinsLarimerUnique
ZIP Code 80524Fort CollinsLarimerStandard
ZIP Code 80525Fort CollinsLarimerStandard
ZIP Code 80526Fort CollinsLarimerStandard
ZIP Code 80527Fort CollinsLarimerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80528Fort CollinsLarimerStandard
ZIP Code 80530FrederickWeldStandard
ZIP Code 80532Glen HavenLarimerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80533HygieneBoulderP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80534JohnstownWeldStandard
ZIP Code 80535LaporteLarimerStandard
ZIP Code 80536LivermoreLarimerStandard
ZIP Code 80537LovelandLarimerStandard
ZIP Code 80538LovelandLarimerStandard
ZIP Code 80539LovelandLarimerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80540LyonsBoulderStandard
ZIP Code 80541MasonvilleLarimerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80542MeadWeldStandard
ZIP Code 80543MillikenWeldStandard
ZIP Code 80544NiwotBoulderP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80545Red Feather LakesLarimerStandard
ZIP Code 80546SeveranceWeldP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80547TimnathLarimerStandard
ZIP Code 80549WellingtonLarimerStandard
ZIP Code 80550WindsorWeldStandard
ZIP Code 80551WindsorWeldUnique
ZIP Code 80553Fort CollinsLarimerUnique
ZIP Code 80601BrightonAdamsStandard
ZIP Code 80602BrightonAdamsStandard
ZIP Code 80603BrightonWeldStandard
ZIP Code 80610AultWeldStandard
ZIP Code 80611BriggsdaleWeldStandard
ZIP Code 80612CarrWeldStandard
ZIP Code 80614EastlakeAdamsP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80615EatonWeldStandard
ZIP Code 80620EvansWeldStandard
ZIP Code 80621Fort LuptonWeldStandard
ZIP Code 80622GaletonWeldStandard
ZIP Code 80623GilcrestWeldP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80624GillWeldStandard
ZIP Code 80631GreeleyWeldStandard
ZIP Code 80632GreeleyWeldP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80633GreeleyWeldP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80634GreeleyWeldStandard
ZIP Code 80638GreeleyWeldUnique
ZIP Code 80639GreeleyWeldUnique
ZIP Code 80640HendersonAdamsStandard
ZIP Code 80642HudsonWeldStandard
ZIP Code 80643KeenesburgWeldStandard
ZIP Code 80644KerseyWeldStandard
ZIP Code 80645La SalleWeldStandard
ZIP Code 80646LucerneWeldP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80648NunnWeldStandard
ZIP Code 80649OrchardMorganStandard
ZIP Code 80650PierceWeldStandard
ZIP Code 80651PlattevilleWeldStandard
ZIP Code 80652RoggenWeldStandard
ZIP Code 80653WeldonaMorganStandard
ZIP Code 80654WigginsMorganStandard
ZIP Code 80701Fort MorganMorganStandard
ZIP Code 80705Log Lane VillageMorganStandard
ZIP Code 80720AkronWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 80721AmherstPhillipsStandard
ZIP Code 80722AtwoodLoganStandard
ZIP Code 80723BrushMorganStandard
ZIP Code 80726CrookLoganStandard
ZIP Code 80727EckleyYumaStandard
ZIP Code 80728FlemingLoganStandard
ZIP Code 80729GroverWeldStandard
ZIP Code 80731HaxtunPhillipsStandard
ZIP Code 80732HerefordWeldP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80733HillroseMorganStandard
ZIP Code 80734HolyokePhillipsStandard
ZIP Code 80735IdaliaYumaStandard
ZIP Code 80736IliffLoganStandard
ZIP Code 80737JulesburgSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 80740LindonWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 80741MerinoLoganStandard
ZIP Code 80742New RaymerWeldStandard
ZIP Code 80743OtisWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 80744OvidSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 80745PadroniLoganStandard
ZIP Code 80746PaoliPhillipsStandard
ZIP Code 80747PeetzLoganStandard
ZIP Code 80749SedgwickSedgwickStandard
ZIP Code 80750SnyderMorganStandard
ZIP Code 80751SterlingLoganStandard
ZIP Code 80754StonehamWeldStandard
ZIP Code 80755VernonYumaStandard
ZIP Code 80757WoodrowWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 80758WrayYumaStandard
ZIP Code 80759YumaYumaStandard
ZIP Code 80801AntonWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 80802ArapahoeCheyenneStandard
ZIP Code 80804ArribaLincolnStandard
ZIP Code 80805BethuneKit CarsonStandard
ZIP Code 80807BurlingtonKit CarsonStandard
ZIP Code 80808CalhanEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80809CascadeEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80810Cheyenne WellsCheyenneStandard
ZIP Code 80812CopeWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 80813Cripple CreekTellerStandard
ZIP Code 80814DivideTellerStandard
ZIP Code 80815FlaglerKit CarsonStandard
ZIP Code 80816FlorissantTellerStandard
ZIP Code 80817FountainEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80818GenoaLincolnStandard
ZIP Code 80819Green Mountain FallsEl PasoP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80820GuffeyParkStandard
ZIP Code 80821HugoLincolnStandard
ZIP Code 80822JoesYumaStandard
ZIP Code 80823KarvalLincolnStandard
ZIP Code 80824KirkYumaStandard
ZIP Code 80825Kit CarsonCheyenneStandard
ZIP Code 80826LimonLincolnUnique
ZIP Code 80827Lake GeorgeParkStandard
ZIP Code 80828LimonLincolnStandard
ZIP Code 80829Manitou SpringsEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80830MathesonElbertStandard
ZIP Code 80831PeytonEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80832RamahEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80833RushEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80834SeibertKit CarsonStandard
ZIP Code 80835SimlaElbertStandard
ZIP Code 80836StrattonKit CarsonStandard
ZIP Code 80840USAF AcademyEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80841USAF AcademyEl PasoP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80860VictorTellerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80861VonaKit CarsonStandard
ZIP Code 80862Wild HorseCheyenneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80863Woodland ParkTellerStandard
ZIP Code 80864YoderEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80866Woodland ParkTellerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80901Colorado SpringsEl PasoP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80902Colorado SpringsEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80903Colorado SpringsEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80904Colorado SpringsEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80905Colorado SpringsEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80906Colorado SpringsEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80907Colorado SpringsEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80908Colorado SpringsEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80909Colorado SpringsEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80910Colorado SpringsEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80911Colorado SpringsEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80912Colorado SpringsEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80913Colorado SpringsEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80914Colorado SpringsEl PasoP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80915Colorado SpringsEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80916Colorado SpringsEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80917Colorado SpringsEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80918Colorado SpringsEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80919Colorado SpringsEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80920Colorado SpringsEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80921Colorado SpringsEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80922Colorado SpringsEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80923Colorado SpringsEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80924Colorado SpringsEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80925Colorado SpringsEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80926Colorado SpringsEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80927Colorado SpringsEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80928Colorado SpringsEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80929Colorado SpringsEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80930Colorado SpringsEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80931Colorado SpringsEl PasoP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80932Colorado SpringsEl PasoP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80933Colorado SpringsEl PasoP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80934Colorado SpringsEl PasoP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80935Colorado SpringsEl PasoP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80936Colorado SpringsEl PasoP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80937Colorado SpringsEl PasoP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80938Colorado SpringsEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80939Colorado SpringsEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80941Colorado SpringsEl PasoUnique
ZIP Code 80942Colorado SpringsEl PasoUnique
ZIP Code 80946Colorado SpringsEl PasoUnique
ZIP Code 80947Colorado SpringsEl PasoUnique
ZIP Code 80949Colorado SpringsEl PasoP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80950Colorado SpringsEl PasoUnique
ZIP Code 80951Colorado SpringsEl PasoStandard
ZIP Code 80960Colorado SpringsEl PasoP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80962Colorado SpringsEl PasoP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80970Colorado SpringsEl PasoP.O. Box
ZIP Code 80977Colorado SpringsEl PasoUnique
ZIP Code 80995Colorado SpringsEl PasoUnique
ZIP Code 80997Colorado SpringsEl PasoUnique
ZIP Code 81001PuebloPuebloStandard
ZIP Code 81002PuebloPuebloP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81003PuebloPuebloStandard
ZIP Code 81004PuebloPuebloStandard
ZIP Code 81005PuebloPuebloStandard
ZIP Code 81006PuebloPuebloStandard
ZIP Code 81007PuebloPuebloStandard
ZIP Code 81008PuebloPuebloStandard
ZIP Code 81009PuebloPuebloUnique
ZIP Code 81010PuebloPuebloUnique
ZIP Code 81011PuebloPuebloUnique
ZIP Code 81012PuebloPuebloUnique
ZIP Code 81019Colorado CityPuebloP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81020AguilarLas AnimasStandard
ZIP Code 81021ArlingtonKiowaStandard
ZIP Code 81022AvondalePuebloStandard
ZIP Code 81023BeulahPuebloStandard
ZIP Code 81024BoncarboLas AnimasStandard
ZIP Code 81025BoonePuebloStandard
ZIP Code 81027BransonLas AnimasStandard
ZIP Code 81029CampoBacaStandard
ZIP Code 81030CherawOteroP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81033CrowleyCrowleyP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81034OrdwayCrowleyUnique
ZIP Code 81036EadsKiowaStandard
ZIP Code 81038Fort LyonBentP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81039FowlerOteroStandard
ZIP Code 81040GardnerHuerfanoStandard
ZIP Code 81041GranadaProwersStandard
ZIP Code 81043HartmanProwersP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81044HastyBentStandard
ZIP Code 81045HaswellKiowaStandard
ZIP Code 81046HoehneLas AnimasP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81047HollyProwersStandard
ZIP Code 81049KimLas AnimasStandard
ZIP Code 81050La JuntaOteroStandard
ZIP Code 81052LamarProwersStandard
ZIP Code 81054Las AnimasBentStandard
ZIP Code 81055La VetaHuerfanoStandard
ZIP Code 81057Mc ClaveBentStandard
ZIP Code 81058ManzanolaOteroStandard
ZIP Code 81059ModelLas AnimasStandard
ZIP Code 81062Olney SpringsCrowleyStandard
ZIP Code 81063OrdwayCrowleyStandard
ZIP Code 81064PritchettBacaStandard
ZIP Code 81067Rocky FordOteroStandard
ZIP Code 81069RyePuebloStandard
ZIP Code 81071Sheridan LakeKiowaStandard
ZIP Code 81073SpringfieldBacaStandard
ZIP Code 81076Sugar CityCrowleyStandard
ZIP Code 81077SwinkOteroP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81081TrincheraLas AnimasStandard
ZIP Code 81082TrinidadLas AnimasStandard
ZIP Code 81084Two ButtesBacaStandard
ZIP Code 81087VilasBacaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81089WalsenburgHuerfanoStandard
ZIP Code 81090WalshBacaStandard
ZIP Code 81091WestonLas AnimasStandard
ZIP Code 81092WileyProwersStandard
ZIP Code 81101AlamosaAlamosaStandard
ZIP Code 81102AlamosaAlamosaUnique
ZIP Code 81120AntonitoConejosStandard
ZIP Code 81121ArbolesArchuletaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81122BayfieldLa PlataStandard
ZIP Code 81123BlancaCostillaStandard
ZIP Code 81124CapulinConejosP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81125CenterRio GrandeStandard
ZIP Code 81126ChamaCostillaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81128ChromoArchuletaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81129ConejosConejosP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81130CreedeMineralStandard
ZIP Code 81131CrestoneSaguacheP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81132Del NorteRio GrandeStandard
ZIP Code 81133Fort GarlandCostillaStandard
ZIP Code 81135HomelakeRio GrandeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81136HooperAlamosaStandard
ZIP Code 81137IgnacioLa PlataStandard
ZIP Code 81138JarosoCostillaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81140La JaraConejosStandard
ZIP Code 81141ManassaConejosP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81143MoffatSaguacheStandard
ZIP Code 81144Monte VistaRio GrandeStandard
ZIP Code 81146MoscaAlamosaStandard
ZIP Code 81147Pagosa SpringsArchuletaStandard
ZIP Code 81148RomeoConejosP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81149SaguacheSaguacheStandard
ZIP Code 81151SanfordConejosStandard
ZIP Code 81152San LuisCostillaStandard
ZIP Code 81154South ForkRio GrandeStandard
ZIP Code 81155Villa GroveSaguacheStandard
ZIP Code 81157Pagosa SpringsArchuletaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81201SalidaChaffeeStandard
ZIP Code 81210AlmontGunnisonStandard
ZIP Code 81211Buena VistaChaffeeStandard
ZIP Code 81212Canon CityFremontStandard
ZIP Code 81215Canon CityFremontP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81220CimarronMontroseStandard
ZIP Code 81221Coal CreekFremontP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81222CoaldaleFremontP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81223CotopaxiFremontStandard
ZIP Code 81224Crested ButteGunnisonStandard
ZIP Code 81225Crested ButteGunnisonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81226FlorenceFremontStandard
ZIP Code 81227MonarchChaffeeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81228GraniteChaffeeStandard
ZIP Code 81230GunnisonGunnisonStandard
ZIP Code 81231GunnisonGunnisonUnique
ZIP Code 81232HillsideFremontP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81233HowardFremontStandard
ZIP Code 81235Lake CityHinsdaleStandard
ZIP Code 81236NathropChaffeeStandard
ZIP Code 81237Ohio CityGunnisonStandard
ZIP Code 81239ParlinGunnisonStandard
ZIP Code 81240PenroseFremontStandard
ZIP Code 81241PitkinGunnisonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81242Poncha SpringsChaffeeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81243PowderhornGunnisonStandard
ZIP Code 81244RockvaleFremontP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81248SargentsSaguacheP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81251Twin LakesLakeStandard
ZIP Code 81252WestcliffeCusterStandard
ZIP Code 81253WetmoreCusterStandard
ZIP Code 81290FlorenceFremontUnique
ZIP Code 81301DurangoLa PlataStandard
ZIP Code 81302DurangoLa PlataP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81303DurangoLa PlataStandard
ZIP Code 81320CahoneDoloresStandard
ZIP Code 81321CortezMontezumaStandard
ZIP Code 81323DoloresMontezumaStandard
ZIP Code 81324Dove CreekDoloresStandard
ZIP Code 81325EgnarSan MiguelStandard
ZIP Code 81326HesperusLa PlataStandard
ZIP Code 81327LewisMontezumaStandard
ZIP Code 81328MancosMontezumaStandard
ZIP Code 81329MarvelLa PlataP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81330Mesa Verde National ParkMontezumaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81331Pleasant ViewMontezumaStandard
ZIP Code 81332RicoDoloresP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81334TowaocMontezumaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81335Yellow JacketMontezumaStandard
ZIP Code 81401MontroseMontroseStandard
ZIP Code 81402MontroseMontroseP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81403MontroseMontroseStandard
ZIP Code 81410AustinDeltaStandard
ZIP Code 81411BedrockMontroseStandard
ZIP Code 81413CedaredgeDeltaStandard
ZIP Code 81414CoryDeltaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81415CrawfordDeltaStandard
ZIP Code 81416DeltaDeltaStandard
ZIP Code 81418EckertDeltaStandard
ZIP Code 81419HotchkissDeltaStandard
ZIP Code 81420LazearDeltaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81422NaturitaMontroseStandard
ZIP Code 81423NorwoodSan MiguelP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81424NuclaMontroseStandard
ZIP Code 81425OlatheMontroseStandard
ZIP Code 81426OphirSan MiguelP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81427OurayOurayP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81428PaoniaDeltaStandard
ZIP Code 81429ParadoxMontroseP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81430PlacervilleSan MiguelP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81431RedvaleMontroseStandard
ZIP Code 81432RidgwayOurayStandard
ZIP Code 81433SilvertonSan JuanP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81434SomersetGunnisonStandard
ZIP Code 81435TellurideSan MiguelStandard
ZIP Code 81501Grand JunctionMesaStandard
ZIP Code 81502Grand JunctionMesaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81503Grand JunctionMesaStandard
ZIP Code 81504Grand JunctionMesaStandard
ZIP Code 81505Grand JunctionMesaStandard
ZIP Code 81506Grand JunctionMesaStandard
ZIP Code 81507Grand JunctionMesaStandard
ZIP Code 81520CliftonMesaStandard
ZIP Code 81521FruitaMesaStandard
ZIP Code 81522GatewayMesaStandard
ZIP Code 81523Glade ParkMesaStandard
ZIP Code 81524LomaMesaStandard
ZIP Code 81525MackMesaStandard
ZIP Code 81526PalisadeMesaStandard
ZIP Code 81527WhitewaterMesaStandard
ZIP Code 81601Glenwood SpringsGarfieldStandard
ZIP Code 81602Glenwood SpringsGarfieldP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81610DinosaurMoffatStandard
ZIP Code 81611AspenPitkinStandard
ZIP Code 81612AspenPitkinP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81615Snowmass VillagePitkinP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81620AvonEagleP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81621BasaltEagleStandard
ZIP Code 81623CarbondaleGarfieldStandard
ZIP Code 81624CollbranMesaStandard
ZIP Code 81625CraigMoffatStandard
ZIP Code 81626CraigMoffatP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81630De BequeMesaStandard
ZIP Code 81631EagleEagleP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81632EdwardsEagleStandard
ZIP Code 81633DinosaurMoffatStandard
ZIP Code 81635ParachuteGarfieldStandard
ZIP Code 81636Battlement MesaGarfieldP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81637GypsumEagleStandard
ZIP Code 81638HamiltonMoffatStandard
ZIP Code 81639HaydenRouttStandard
ZIP Code 81640MaybellMoffatStandard
ZIP Code 81641MeekerRio BlancoStandard
ZIP Code 81642MeredithPitkinStandard
ZIP Code 81643MesaMesaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81645MinturnEagleP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81646MolinaMesaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81647New CastleGarfieldStandard
ZIP Code 81648RangelyRio BlancoStandard
ZIP Code 81649Red CliffEagleP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81650RifleGarfieldStandard
ZIP Code 81652SiltGarfieldStandard
ZIP Code 81653SlaterMoffatStandard
ZIP Code 81654SnowmassPitkinStandard
ZIP Code 81655WolcottEagleP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81656Woody CreekPitkinP.O. Box
ZIP Code 81657VailEagleStandard
ZIP Code 81658VailEagleP.O. Box

The Colorado state zip & county map  file in vector format enable the user organise level of structuring of map.
A vector file (ai, pdf) has flexible tools for displaying elements of maps
- you can discrete or arbitrary scaling map
- performing group operation with selected features
- changing the orders of displaying layers
- switching in/off displaying os any layers
- changing attributes of selected object ( recolour, modify outline thick, transparency, symbols)
- adding or changing features of any items, (i.e. font type)
- copying and moving particular shapes
- merging different shapes (i.e. counties)
- adding, removing cartography symbols

For editing ai, pdf file use the most common Adobe Illustrator (version 10 or higher) or CorelDRAW (version 10 or higher). If you don't have Adobe Illustrator or Corel you can choose
free open source Inkscape - 57 MB -(Windows, Mac, Linux platform ) or Scribus (Windows, Mac, Linux (54 MB)