Ellipsoid Globe map with geogrid

Ellipsoid Globe map with geogrid

Colored world map. Robinson projection.

PDF, EPS, JPG, SVG, WMF, AI format (see download link)

 Ellipsoid globe map is a part of free digitalmaps collection. The file is part of the 144 freely downloadable world representations. Earth representations avaiblable in the most familiar projection. These are Mercator, Robinson, Moollweide, Plate Carreé.The ellipsoid idea is facilitated by the grawticules that appear every 30 degrees.

Adobe Illustrator layers: 

  • graticules
  • geogrids (Equator, Tropic of Canser, Tropic of Capricorn, Artarctic Circle, Artic Circle
  • country shapes
Ellipsoid globe map
Robinson Projection World Image.